Dark Souls themed clothes for Animal Crossing 3DS. Cannot wait for this to come out in the states so I can praise the sun while paying Nook to *not* break my kneecaps over my debt.


A cute faceboard with Isabelle and Digby!


part 1 of delicious japanese sweets!

link to part 2!

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I saw this amazing stone path design, but didn’t like the way those green borders made it look on the ground, beside not suiting snowed ground. So I tried to re-create it for snow and grass the way I’d like it :) At the same time it’s been a good practice, since it’s my first path qr code ever!  

Credits to this blog for the main idea - Me for the adaptation :)


Old Roman Road —-

You can find the ornamental pond with matching bricks at:

Digging this look

Digging this look


So what’s the deal with shrubs…

I was making this pathway lines with shrubs to Pashmina’s house(since I don’t want her to be moving any time soon), but to my dismay as I reached the last few shrubs to complete the pathway, they all seem to die…

I found out that you can only plant 12 shrubs in an adjacent row. 

With a little redesigning, I managed to successfully complete the shrub pathway to Pashmina’s house…

Here are some tips regarding planting shrubs:

You can plant bushes alone in the village. By that I mean that you can plant bushes anywhere in the main village if all its adjacent tiles are free.

  • You cannot plant bushes on the beach. The two attempts at doing so have failed, so I conclude that it can’t be done.
  • You can plant bushes next to each other. I’ve attempted to plant a row of bushes, as well as three bushes in an L pattern, and both attempts succeeded. I don’t know if you can plant a square of bushes (4 or 9 or + bushes), but I have no reason to think you cannot. I didn’t do the test because I ran out of bushes, but if I can I’ll test this and update this answer.
  • You can plant bushes next to a tree. An attempt at planting a bush right next to a tree succeeded, so I conclude that it can be done.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a river tile. I planted a bush next to a straight river going North-South, and it wouldn’t grow.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a cliff. Self-explanatory.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a building or a public works project. In my opinion this is the most important test. I planted a bush at the following four locations: next to my house, next to Re-Tail’s, directly above a lamppost and above-left the same lamppost (so left of the previous bush). All of these wilted. My conclusion is that you cannot plant bushes adjacent to a building or a public works project.
    Note: This last test cost me upwards 40’000 bells and 4 days to build/remove the lamppost and obtain the bushes. I strongly advise against attempting to reproduce this experiment due to the cost in time/money.
  • Bushes can grow in a connection of 12 at most. This includes trees and stumps, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. If a bush or a tree is planted near a sequence of twelve bushes/trees/stumps touching each other, that thirteenth sapling will not grow


um this design is super cute what the hecky


um this design is super cute what the hecky

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