This is an extension of my full ACNL Halloween guide.

Villagers will be inside their houses for part of the festivities on Halloween night, and they are whom you get the special lollipop candy from to give to Jack. However, they’ll only give you a lollipop if you’re wearing the mask that “scares” their species/ personality combo. If you’re not wearing the right mask, they’ll give you a regular piece of candy. But you can come back to them with the proper mask and scare ‘em real good after you mess up. Also, you can only get one lollipop from each villager; if you “scare” them with a different mask after the lollipop, you’ll start getting regular pieces of candy.

I based this chart off of this Thonky page. The formatting and phrasing of a few things were off, so I figured I’d clean it up and make it my own!

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Dark Souls themed clothes for Animal Crossing 3DS. Cannot wait for this to come out in the states so I can praise the sun while paying Nook to *not* break my kneecaps over my debt.


A cute faceboard with Isabelle and Digby!


part 1 of delicious japanese sweets!

link to part 2!

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I saw this amazing stone path design, but didn’t like the way those green borders made it look on the ground, beside not suiting snowed ground. So I tried to re-create it for snow and grass the way I’d like it :) At the same time it’s been a good practice, since it’s my first path qr code ever!  

Credits to this blog for the main idea - Me for the adaptation :)


Old Roman Road —-

You can find the ornamental pond with matching bricks at:

Digging this look

Digging this look


So what’s the deal with shrubs…

I was making this pathway lines with shrubs to Pashmina’s house(since I don’t want her to be moving any time soon), but to my dismay as I reached the last few shrubs to complete the pathway, they all seem to die…

I found out that you can only plant 12 shrubs in an adjacent row. 

With a little redesigning, I managed to successfully complete the shrub pathway to Pashmina’s house…

Here are some tips regarding planting shrubs:

You can plant bushes alone in the village. By that I mean that you can plant bushes anywhere in the main village if all its adjacent tiles are free.

  • You cannot plant bushes on the beach. The two attempts at doing so have failed, so I conclude that it can’t be done.
  • You can plant bushes next to each other. I’ve attempted to plant a row of bushes, as well as three bushes in an L pattern, and both attempts succeeded. I don’t know if you can plant a square of bushes (4 or 9 or + bushes), but I have no reason to think you cannot. I didn’t do the test because I ran out of bushes, but if I can I’ll test this and update this answer.
  • You can plant bushes next to a tree. An attempt at planting a bush right next to a tree succeeded, so I conclude that it can be done.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a river tile. I planted a bush next to a straight river going North-South, and it wouldn’t grow.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a cliff. Self-explanatory.
  • You cannot plant bushes adjacent to a building or a public works project. In my opinion this is the most important test. I planted a bush at the following four locations: next to my house, next to Re-Tail’s, directly above a lamppost and above-left the same lamppost (so left of the previous bush). All of these wilted. My conclusion is that you cannot plant bushes adjacent to a building or a public works project.
    Note: This last test cost me upwards 40’000 bells and 4 days to build/remove the lamppost and obtain the bushes. I strongly advise against attempting to reproduce this experiment due to the cost in time/money.
  • Bushes can grow in a connection of 12 at most. This includes trees and stumps, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. If a bush or a tree is planted near a sequence of twelve bushes/trees/stumps touching each other, that thirteenth sapling will not grow


um this design is super cute what the hecky


um this design is super cute what the hecky

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